Frequently Asked Questions

How does the climbing wall work?

The climber is securely fitted into a harness and then begins there ascent up the climbing wall. At the summit, the climber simply pushes off the wall and abseils slowly and safely down using the wall’s fully redundant auto-belay system.

How does the Mobile High Ropes Course work?

Participants challenge themselves around the different elements of the course at height, all while being extremely safe because the participants harness is always attached via lanyard to safety line that follows the course.

What age group can use your equipment?

Our equipment appeals to a huge range of participants from 2 year olds up to adults which makes us such a unique hire company. Participants can climb the climbing wall from about 4 years old and up, bungee trampolines from about 2 years old and up, the high ropes course starts from about 5 yrs old, Stunt jump from 4 years old and Bouncy Obstacle Course from about 2 years old. Little ones, teenagers and adults all love the challenge of our attractions which makes for a great event.

Are there different levels of difficulty on the climbing wall?

Yes. The wall’s design provides different levels of difficulty, however, we make sure that the wall isn’t too difficult to climb. The handholds can be easily moved and adjusted for any combination or configuration.

What types of events can Radrock be used for?

Fairs, festivals, school carnivals, private parties, corporate team building, company picnics, radio promotions, store sales, parks and recreation events. The list is endless…

We do you go?

We can service all of Western Australia.